agnieszka & szymon | cosy outdoor wedding


Another beautiful wedding this season. Agnieszka & Szymon and their amazing outdoor ceremony in Poznań, Poland. I love such weddings the most – cosy, relaxed, with everybody smiling and not stressing too much. Aga and Szymon planned everything the ways they wanted, starting from the venue – a garden in the back of a restaurant, rustic decorations and a cool car, to even Aga’s shoes – not the typical high heels. I hope it proves you really shouldn’t care about what others think and just plan the day like You really want. This time I was there only for the preparations and ceremony, but I am sure the party was So much fun too! 🙂


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venue: Czytogruszka, Poznań
wedding dress: Place for dress
invitations: Love Prints
make up: MAKE UP no MAKE UP
bouquet: Różany zakątek
floral decorations: Fresh Flower