Hello! My name is Ania and some of you may know me from my previous blog fixmycamera, that has been my photo journal for the last five years. 
It will still exist, as an archive, and all new photos will be published here, on my new website.


This main page will be my portfolio, with mostly portraits,
and if you’re looking for pictures from my travels, city guides or everyday notes, visit  traveldiary.aniamargoszczyn.pl



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  • Hello, Anna!
    Today I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t seen your pictures for a while. I don’t know why I hadn’t added your blog address to my favourites, so it took me some time to look for you. And then I discovered you have this new website. I love the design. And I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. All people you portrait are so beautiful, or it is because of your camera?

    This time I will keep the address in feedly, so I’ll be able to drop here more often 🙂

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