kasia, paweł and haga

sesja narzeczeńska z psem sołacz park poznań

I simply love when people ask about photoshoots with their pets! When Kasia messaged me about engagement photos combined with some pet portraits, I just couldn’t wait to meet them all! Kasia and Paweł turned out to be such a sweet couple, and their dog Haga – adopted from the shelter, is probably the cutest dog I’ve seen, smiling all the time. It was such a nice walk, I could take such pictures all the time 😉

sołacz spacer poznań piessołacz romantycznie park sesjasolacz sesja narzeczenska zakochanimargoszczyn_solacz_06pocałunek sesja narzeczeńska park sołackimargoszczyn_solacz_03pies rodzina sesja z psem sołaczsolacz pies sesja portretmargoszczyn_solacz_08margoszczyn_solacz_04margoszczyn_solacz_05

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